Static Dischargers

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Static Dischargers

Cooper Antennas Ltd manufactures a range of Static Dischargers for military and civil aircraft applications over a wide air speed range.

The Cooper Antennas Ltd team of experienced engineers has been closely involved in the design, development and fabrication of aircraft static dischargers, products are closely allied to antenna design, since the 1960s.

Cooper Antennas Ltd has, using Advanced Silicon Carbide Technology, produced an ultra reliable, rugged products specifically intended to withstand the extreme vibration and turbulence induced stress experienced on relatively low speed civil aircraft through supersonic military types. In addition to providing stable resistance over extremes of environmental conditions, these products are specifically intended to give low initial and life cycle costs.

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Part Number Description Applications
21-90-02 Aircraft Static Discharger
21-90-05 Flexible Aircraft Static Discharger Single & Turbo Prop
21-90-06 Flexible Aircraft Static Discharger Helicopter
21-90-11 Commercial & Business Aircraft Static Discharger Transport Aircraft - trailing type
21-90-14 Commercial and Military Aricraft Discharger
21-90-16 Commercial & Military Aircraft Static Discharger Supersonic
21-90-18 Commercial & Business Aircraft Static Discharger Transport Aircraft - tip type
21-90-33 Supersonic Aircraft Static Discharger Lockheed Martin F-16
21-90-34 Supersonic Aircraft Static Discharger
21-90-35 Supersonic Aircraft Static Discharger Supersonic
21-90-67 Commercial & Business Aircraft Static Discharger Turbo Prop & Jet


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