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Collectively the Cooper Antennas Ltd team has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Airborne Antennas for both military and civil aviation applications.

Cooper Antennas Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of rod, blade and conformal antennas for fixed and rotary wing applications in communications, navigation, surveillance, search -and-rescue, antennas across the 2- 18000 MHz frequency spectrum from low band VHF through UHF to L-band and beyond. HF antenna arrays of modern design are fabricated from aluminium alloy tubular elements suitable for both grounded and ungrounded configurations on rotary wing and sub-sonic fixed wing platforms. Within the Tactical VHF frequency band Cooper Antennas has significant and special experience in the development and fielding of antennas for SINCGARS and BOWMAN applications.

Use of the latest available materials and manufacturing techniques to fabricate airborne antenna products, gives Cooper Antennas Ltd the leading edge in producing lightweight, reliable antennas for all types of military and civil
applications and platforms. Generally, antennas are construction as epoxy/fiberglass moulds set in aluminium alloy
base collars to provide exceptional protection from exacting climatic conditions as well as vibration and temperature

In addition to the military and civil aviation antenna products described in this catalogue, Cooper Antennas Ltd has
a particular expertise in the design and development of special-to-type antennas which are tailored to suit specific
requirements and aircraft types.

Cooper Antennas Ltd airborne antennas are successfully used in exacting environmental conditions across the globe,
today and every day, on fixed and rotary wing tactical operations as well as training and other military and
commercial operations.

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Part Number Description Frequency Fixing Overall Height Weight
20-20-05-2 VHF High Band Antenna 146-174 Mounting Spigot 48 (1200) 4.5 (2)
20-30-70 UHF Satcom Antenna 225-400 24 hole 6.25 (159) 13 (5.9)
20-30-620 UHF Satcom/MUOS Antenna 240-380 MHz 8 hole 7